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In taxidermy shop you will see various species which are done by experts of taxidermy of the museum , species including mammals , birds, reptiles, amphibians , fish  and different species of invertebrates, In taxidermy shop, you can speak to the best taxidermy experts in IRAN, and they will be very pleased to explain the whole process of taxidermy to you.

The shop will also accept private collections of all kinds of species for reasonable price.


March 26:n Day Earth Hour

April 1  : Familiarity Day with Nature

April22: CLEAN Earth Day

May 14: International  Migratory Birds

May22: International  Day for Biological Diversity

June5 : World Environment Day

June 17: World Day to Combat Desertification

July 22 : World Poulation Day

August30: National Day of Iranian Cheetah

September16: International Day for the preservation  of the Ozone layer.

October 7: National Day of the Child and Environment.

October 8 : National Day of Game Wardens

October 12 : International Day for Naturel Disaster Reduction

October24 : World Day to Combat  Climate Change November 11: imternational Mountains Day

January 18: National Day of clean Air

February 2 : World wetlands Day

March 5 :National Day of Planting Trees

March 14 : International Day for the Portection of rivers.