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            Geology and Paleontology

In the entrance corridor to this hall, are displays of minerals and gems ,representative of Iran.Specimens such as Sulphur ,Quartz,Celestine and Calcite have been chosen to illustrate the nature of minerals. Some of the finest gems displayed include Amethyst,Lapis Lazuli, Fluorite,Opal,Garnet,Turquoise and Agate.The main part of the hall offers remarkable dioramas,beginning with an illustration of the creation of the Universe, the Solar system and the different eras of life starting with the Precambrian.

The Museum has one of the finest collections of fossils in Iran, including forssilized skeletons such as Equus from the Quaternary period and fossilized plants such as Sigilliaria from the Permain period.Some exhibits such as Stromatolites date back to more than one billion years ago.

In this hall,thre are also specimens of shells and corals. All of them are present age.