Iran Darabad Museum of Nature and Wildlife

Museum ,  art history , embodiedculture , politics, economy , customs , tradition , people who serve humanity by  recording moments are rare. Museum quality Wildlife habitat leading to  a “beast” in  sense of worlds  , the species role and influence on human life, speaks . More than  240 years ago in 1753 A.D , The world´s first natural history museum in the heart if the” British museum” opened in London .

These programs helps of professiols and experts  , and few of our homelands were attained .

The miseum´s permanent institution in the service of society and its development considers private purposes and research on human and environmental material evidence dies , it brings together evidence  , and publishes and  expertise in all fields related to the objectives and  encourage the expansion of museum.

Thus , the remains of this heritage , including cultural heritage , natural history an natural heritage of our country (IRAN)wich has a  history of several hundred million years  .we are also planning to upgrade the faculty infrastructural – research in the fields of natural sciences museum , the National Museum of Wildlife has become a reference center of xcientific research and the introduction of charges.

The reasons for the emergence of this collection , which includes samples , are normal . natural an human history of increasing interest is wildlife. Wlidlife refers to all living organism , plants , bacteria and other microorganisms that live their natural environment.

 The species climates conditions of IRAN  has led to about 8000 plants species  ,about 1086 species of wildlife including over 517 species of birds , about 209 species of  reptiles , 147 species of fish , 194 species of mammals , 22 species of amphibians and a considerable number of invertebrates in the environment to continue to live.

Museum in year 1997 A.D as  a number of the International Council of Museum (ICOM) and the International Communication for Conservation of Nature (IUCN-CEC)and the previous year  revenue requirement attached to the Internet.

Museum of nature and Wildlife in various parts of the display are a variety of biological samples in the hall five orders of mammals  including rabbits, rodents, carnivores, uni – ungulates and couple – ungulated in 12 families including rabbit, squirrel, mice, canine(dogs) , ursidae(bears), Weasels(ferrets), hyenas, cats(felines), horses and donkeys, dears,bovines(bulls) and boars(swines) more than 26 species of creatures are on display . The addition ofnearly 517 species of birds 165 species of birds have been identified in the halls of the museum are displayed. Notable examples of rare and museum campus was added to a series of CASPIAN  TIGER skin which are extinct.